Mitä tapahtuu kun YouTubettaja suututtaa yleisönsä? Case Fine Brothers Entertainment


Fine Brothers Entertainment on YouTube-media, joka työllistää 40 henkeä. Heidän päätuotteensa ovat reaktiovideot, jossa kuvataan ihmisiä katsomassa ja reagoimassa videoihin. “X reacts to Y”. Nämä videot ovat saavuttaneet huikean suosion videoiden katselumäärien liikkuessa muutaman sadan tuhannen ja useamman miljoonan välillä. Tilaajia heillä on yli 14 miljoonaa. Tai siis oli kunnes päälipuolin hyvältä vaikuttanut lanseeraus kääntyi totaaliseksi flopiksi. Continue Reading…

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MunchPak, Why did I Unsubscribe

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This is a case study on how one business lost a customer because someone else made a mistake. In this post I write from my professional point of view.

MunchPak promises to deliver new and popular snacks from around the world every month. I purchased one of their boxes as a birthday gift to my SO. We were very satisfied about the whole concept so we decided to subscribe their monthly Family Pak. One more pack arrived as per usual but the third one had issues. Continue Reading…

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Power of being responsive – Case Sex is Free in Vantaa

sex is free

In Vantaa, sex is free.

This was the main selling point of a response video we produced in cooperation with Ellun Kanat for Vantaan Energia energy company. Helen, a Helsinki based energy company, made a bunch of videos where a typical Finnish male engineer (comedian André Wickström) talks about how they make energy. In one of their videos, the engineer reveals how making love/having sex/fucking warms the homes in Helsinki. This in mind Ellun Kanat approached us at KLOK with an idea of making a YouTubish vloggy response on how in Vantaa you don’t need to fuck to warm your apartment. You can do it for fun, for free!  Continue Reading…

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How to optimize your YouTube videos to get better performance

How to optimize youtube videos

I can not emphasize enough the importance of optimized YouTube content. I’ve seen numerous of times how brands use YouTube like it’s a garbage dumb not realizing that it is the 2nd biggest search engine. If you’re not going to optimize your videos, or your channel for that matter, do not use YouTube. Just upload it on your site and leave it be. Badly optimized videos and channels are just waste of money and on top of that they make your brand look unprofessional. Here’s how to change that. Continue Reading…

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Case Study: Volvo Trucks & HUB/HERO/HYGIENE

Copy of YOUTUBE (3)

In his presentation at Dx3 Canada, YouTube’s Dave Coleman, talked about their Hero, Hub, Hygiene content strategy. He used Volvo Trucks as the prime example of the content strategy executed perfectly. They cater content not only for their customers but for anyone interested on trucks. With their hero content they have made their videos known for a larger audience while with hub content they have reached out to truck enthusiast and with hygiene they are servicing their customers. Continue Reading…

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Hero, Hub, Hygiene — Re-think your video content strategy


There is a problem with valuing viral videos over everything else. They are excellent way to get your video, channel and brand noticed. To get impressions. A quick fix. But relying only on them is not a sustainable strategy. For brands, it takes money and time to produce and distribute viral videos. Also luck plays a major role. Moreover, the viewers and subscribers you get from these videos have expectations that you can’t fulfill on a regular basis. They expect to get content of same caliber. For this reason a more holistic approach is required.

Hero, Hub, Hygiene is the YouTube content strategy for brands. The emphasis is put onto growing your subscriber base, your community, and turning your viewers into fans. According to YouTube, subscribers watch twice as much content as non-subscribers and drive 20 times the engagement over Facebook likes. So, instead of putting all the money into major spot-like videos the emphasis is put onto consistent and proactive content creation, and community management.

So what are Hero, Hub and Hygiene? Continue Reading…

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YouTube Certified Professional – For Hire!


Check out my more detailed resume page!

I am a YouTube Certified Professional with 4.5 years experience in managing brands on YouTube. I live by the Hub, Hero, Hygiene content strategy.

I passed my YouTube Audience Growth exam June of 2014 and re-certified in 2015.

This means that I have proved my know-how on the following:

  • YouTube Platform and Channel Strategy.
  • Content Strategies for Sustainable Viewership.
  • Audience Development Strategy and Methods.
  • Multi-Channel Networks: Best Practices.
  • Copyright, Monetization and Partner Sales.
  • Rights Management.

YouTube Audience Growth Certification – Satu Suomi

Btw, that exam was hard even though I have dealt with Multi-Channel Networks, monetisation and rights management before. I’m so proud of myself!

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Facebook page reach decline reaches new lows [OLD AS FUCK, STILL RELEVANT]

Facebook page reach decline reaches new lows

Facebook murdered the act of liking and now they are out to get you.

Facebook is controlling more and more about the content its users see in their feeds. Some time ago they “fixed” their algorithms so the status updates from pages you liked only reached you every now and then. So from the POW of page owners, depending on the post, they were able to reach about 30-60% of the people who liked their page. Now there’s rumors that the numbers are getting slashed down even more. Facebook Page Reach might go from 30-60% to mere 1-2%. In plain, if and when Facebook does this only 1-2 % of the people who liked your page will get to see your content.  Continue Reading…

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How-to embrace Google+ as part of YouTube

How-to embrace Google+

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Google+ although I was one of the many begging for an invitation during the closed beta. When I finally got around, the  novelty of it faded away. It was a solid social media site but with one major issue: it was quiet. I could see the tumbleweeds roll down my feed. That for me is the number one – and dare I suggest it being an universally accepted – reason for G+ failing.

The past year or two Google has been streamlining its services to work under one login and I fully support their effort. The fewer accounts to deal with the better. But that doesn’t mean that I want to sign up for all their services. If you create a new Google account you get a free Google+ profile to go with it. Or if your brand has a YouTube channel and you wish to comment back to your viewers you need to have a Google+. So, companies ahoy! You better make sure your social media portfolio includes yet another platform, yet another time investment.

So, Google+ is becoming an integral part of Google whether we like it or not. And there’s nothing wrong with the service itself and now that I’ve been using YouTube with the Google+ the past two weeks, I’ve found a host of positive things as well as major issues they need to sort out.  Continue Reading…